Because so many students have trouble with or have challenges with writing academic writing that that’s where we would start today okay so I thought that we would start with some basics on of academic writing therefore we’re going to start with really the basics of paragraph writing okay so if anybody is already a student of smart I’m going to tell you where you can go and if you’re not then don’t worry about it because we’re going to share some documents and exercises with you as we go okay so let’s let’s get started alright here we go all right so if you are a student of smart we’re going to be in English 125 today okay and we’re going to start with writing 1 1 writing a paragraph ok.

I’ll just show you that so that you can direct yourself to that lesson and then I’m going to put something else on my screen ok again if you’re not a student and smart don’t worry about it you’ll have lots to do and say today ok all right so let’s start with this okay writing a paragraph really any good essay any good writing assignment is really dependent on the ability to write a strong paragraph so I wanted to keep it simple today and look at that how do you write a strong paragraph okay so let’s start with the most obvious question is a simple one what is a paragraph okay what is a paragraph a paragraph is a group of sentences that share one idea it’s not just a bunch of sentences together but it’s really important that these sentences have one unifying idea that kind of really keeps them related and connected okay so this is what we’re going to look at today is paragraphs paragraphs structure and how to write a strong one okay and again if at any time you guys have questions throw them into the into the chat and we’ll get to you okay.

So most paragraphs the basic paragraph has the same basic structure as every other paragraph okay a three-part structure and I’m sure some of you have have seen this before the basic paragraph structure is topic sentence supporting sentences concluding sentence okay basically every paragraph that you see every paragraph that you write is going to have this same three-part sequence and I thought we would start by focusing on the topic sentence really every paragraph starts with the topic sentence every strong paragraph stems from a strong topic sentence okay so what is the topic sentence is the question the topic sentence usually but not always is going to be the first or second sentence in a paragraph okay it’s important to keep in mind though that what we’re looking at today is writing and not reading now sometimes in a class if if you’re doing a reading exercise and you’re looking for the main idea of a paragraph it could be really anywhere because an experienced writer can put the main idea or the topic sentence anywhere in the paragraph that they want.

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