• Add and subtract whole numbers up to six digits
  • Show mastery of whole number multiplication and division
    Place Value, Estimation, Measurement, and Data Collection—
  • Understand place value to millions
  • Estimate, round, or use exact numbers as needed in calculations
  • Show familiarity with units of measure in both U.S. standard and metric system
  • Collect, organize, compare, interpret, and display data
    Problem Solving—
  • Use a variety of strategies to solve problems
  • Solve money problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Explain solutions to problems using appropriate pictures (e.g. charts, graphs, diagrams), mathematical terms and vocabulary, and explain computation in oral and written form
  • Identify, classify, and name geometric shapes (e.g. rhombus, parallelogram)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of geometric concepts (e.g. symmetry, congruence, perimeter, area, and volume)
    Fractions and Algebra—
  • Understand fraction concepts and add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers
  • Compute simple algebraic equations with one variable (e.g. 2(x + 6) = 16)



  • Read fiction and non-fiction including newspapers, textbooks, magazines, and literature books
  • Display reading comprehension through oral and written responses
  • Accurately restate the main idea of a reading selection in his or her words
  • Organize and develop essays, consistently attempting to use appropriate conventions of writing, including paragraphs, capitalization, spelling, punctuation, complete sentences, proper verb tense, and subject-verb agreement
  • Write effectively for a variety of purposes, such as to inform, tell a story, persuade, and express ideas
    Listening and Speaking—
  • Listen and speak effectively in formal and informal settings
    Vocabulary, Phonics, and Study Skills—
  • Continue to develop vocabulary using synonyms, antonyms, phonics, and context clues (i.e. figure out what a word means by reading the words around it)
  • Use a glossary, dictionary, or other reference works to determine the meaning of unknown words

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