You must acknowledge other people know and it’s not again it is because it’s true right they did had some stuff you probably read their paper if you didn’t you should I mean of course it might mean that you genuinely don’t know about it and that would be bad but not much you can do about that but this part is not good right so if you leave you leave out something you do know about because you hope that the referees don’t know about it either bad bad tactic bad science and bad tactic as well great thing about conclusions don’t have very long conclusions sometimes you say people say tell them what you’re going to say then say it and then summarize it and summarize the story at the end by the time people get to the end of the search paper. Learn how to make good summaries on Edusson.

My experiences they’re a bit tired and they do not read the conclusions but your column inches going back to your question about length or from very constrained so I tend to finish with a section not called I tend not to have further work and then conclusions I tend have a section called conclusions and further work and then I sort of as it were sketched things that you know I might do in the future and I wouldn’t spend too much time on further work but sometimes you find people have a long section on further work which is kind of like like a research grant proposal that says here are lots of things that I would like to do it I haven’t done yet and again your readers are not terribly interested in that they want to know stuff that you have done that they can use okay yeah yeah Oh several of you know your first year yeah then though Nancy yeah but so in our recent journal paper we are just criticized as we shouldn’t put what we going to do in the future work because this is the reviewer somehow consider that it will constrain other people’s mind to some certain topic that we’re gonna to do oh you mean you sort of planted your flag.

And said we’re going to do that and so you mustn’t I mean the reviewers suggestion is somehow like days that suggested that we point out some of the big problem or some open problem that may be solved by other people what reasons so further you might not be further work that we are going to do and nobody else must just his further work that suggested by this research you know go to it audience so I’ve never had that that kind of comment myself but I think the easy way to deal with it is just to keep keep the further work section short right not to say too much not to take too many column inches on that because it is not part of the real payload of the paper.

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