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As an employee in a company, we feel obliged to be effective ! Yet it is necessary to accept that we are not always effective when we are required. We are in the process of improving our effectiveness rather than being “effective.”

Be effective when we are required to produce returns and achieve goals that can be defined in terms of quantity, quality, speed, cost, profitability, etc..

So in order to reach them, we “put pressure“.

“It is useful, even essential,” say most trainees. But how much?

“The more pressure I put myself, I am more stressed out” and vice versa.

Some people only work with this pressure, the others wish they could live differently. But how to do it?

Manuela Prouvost, a trainer, gives her advice ” to take a step back and refocus “.

First, be aware of a pressure level, a feeling of stress, a reduced efficiency, or exhaustion will lead to gradually identify the threshold limits.

Then learn to stop and take a step back and allow breathing to focus on the present moment, and be in “the here and now.”

It is necessary to go a step back from the state in which we feel the level of understanding that we can have of the situation, and recognize what level of efficiency we are in. It is to accept the reality.

So what to do to get out and become effective?

Firstly, stop and start breathing will help you to refocus on the present moment, on what is being played.

Then take a break out of the current action if it is necessary. This pause is not necessarily long but you can relax, drink a glass of water or a hot drink, discuss it with others.

Back from the break, we have a vision “broader and different”: where there was no solution, we see now more clearly!

Stop a moment, is to be “listening” to your body and your feelings (nervousness, irritation, fatigue, lassitude, etc..), And also act on the mind that puts pressure.

It is equally important to list your strengths, to say the winning words, the relative importance of the issue, to find a “memory picture” view of a pleasant and positive previous situation.

“Being in the here and now” in the present moment, is to be conscious of what is happening inside and outside of oneself, and therefore recover the desired level of efficiency.

Throughout the day, it’s taking care of yourself than to practice the “here and now”, by connecting to your feelings, leaving the mental side to be in readiness conscious.

Since the moment we accept the fact and reality, we are able to become “effective“.