I have done about the specifics of writing the ones where I’m up at the floor and I’m going through things like you know what I just said use declarative sentences and sentences with introductory phrases you know don’t split infinitives you know having a blank – a word followed – before it gets to the word of the teal before history of early you know your stuff like that so please look at those videos for braiding yet one for ages yeah yeah that’s it that’s a good one there’s also this some books I found them their block was they’re just very useful one is a mini I need some I am s whole Asian version a me a my the handbook a guide publishing and corporate communications really of course the Chicago Manual.

Yeah that’s the editors Bible and wings library will have that bookstores any bookstore would have it yeah that’s a really good one another one is the elements of style by Strunk spru ante and white wete it’s a very thin book but it’s it’s really good because it talks about the best ways to slice to write is this this shows the classics like I had that he was wrong Charles well Stuart Little the trumpet of the Swan you know really good so yeah that’s a very very excellent book now one more thing to help you with your papers is if you are not that strong as a writer or perhaps English is it your native language I would suggest go to the writing clinic here at Wayne with your paper give it to somebody who can read it and make some suggestions to help you with the grammar and punctuation with the pen you know with your style if necessary because I’ve seen lots and lots of papers where the content is there but the grammar the sentence fragments all that stuff brings down the paper because the person didn’t have a great knowledge of the language or they just weren’t that’s that terrific of a writer.

So you can really help yourself by having another set of eyes I’ve been encouraging competitive in the sense that I hope somebody else agree and learn more and what they have and lots of different perspectives you have this is a our a variety of background graduate students yeah that’s great well with that kind of background you really can’t help each other it really can of ever philosophy meeting you oh great Wow nice yeah that’s a good that’s a really good cross-section so yeah trade papers and if if there’s difficulties go to the writing clinic and have those people look at it for those specific grammar punctuation and writing color things we’re all educated here this is basically a senior level class graduate level class three people four people whatever you wanna make an evening of it some food beverages whatever three the stuff through to each other yeah you’ve ever seen the movie from the 70s called a Paper Chase about law school that’s what they did they had a study group and they all exchange their papers and they’ve made a really tough professor.

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