A suggestion that I want to make to you is once you get your paper done read it out loud to someone or have somebody read it out loud to you because what you will find as you read it out loud will amaze you you will see oh wow I didn’t explain this enough or somebody who’s reading it will stumble over a word or freeze and if that person stumbles over the word or phrase while reading it aloud John or I or anyone else who reads the paper silently will also stumble over it with their eyes you get those the economic version to lose to have sisters Mellie sells seashells at the center yeah it’s true it’s going from the page into preconscious to the eyes hearing you hear just yeah it falls flat he really does for it needs to be amplified or a spleen or makes sense.

And that’s a lot of the time what will bring the paper down is the writer knows the material well but isn’t explaining it so it doesn’t even make sense to a reader it’s like okay I get where you’re trying to go with this but doesn’t jive you know in how many times have I asked you okay what does this mean and I have to explain it yeah I go up me yeah and it won’t you to your readers either you know like a prospective employer you want your work to be as clear and concise as it possibly can and also and this leads me to the next subject you want the style to be as good as it can be you want your writing style to be really really special and that includes not only having all your technical things be correct your your construction sentence construction not having sentence fragments not having misspellings not having misuse of grammar that kind of thing but also the flow of your writing style if you’re writing as good as it can be for example I’m using good sentence construction where you’ve got a declarative sentence a sentence like I am helping John teach this class to date period.

I mean a couple of those then followed by what’s called a phrase enter entry clause introductory clause sentence where it starts with a phrase on Thursday that would be worth comma I will be working at home on Thursday comma I would be working at home so you see the difference between the two the one is just a straight out statement like bang bang bang they do that too much anyone you know yeah because if you do the declarer sentences too much you end up sounding simplistic you know light goes it’s very repetitive so you want to vary your sentence structure by using census with an introductory phrase like on Thursday , I won’t be at home you know so something with a phrase right to make CJ CJ rough is fine for what its purpose is but I mean having a few words sentence is good.

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